* twinkified { adj. }

A word that I made up, of course. It comes from the word “twinkie” which is can be used to refer to an Asian-looking person who acts “white”. Usually the word is used in a negative manner as if NOT acting Asian (stereotypically) is a crime offense. In reality? What would you expect from a girl who has been raised in Massachusetts all her life, not forced to speak the language by her Korean parents, and only been to South Korea once as a child more than 16 years ago? Being an American born Korean can be difficult since I feel like I’m caught between two completely opposite identities. But I’ve come to realize that whatever works for me is MY decision.

Truth of the matter is I am an American. If I were to suddenly move to South Korea, I’d go into major culture shock and be socially retarded over there. This doesn’t mean I am disregarding my parents’ culture as it is a part of me–just not the stronger part.

That said, this blog is more of a personal journey archive. You’ll see me write about succeeding in college. Writing about writing. Obviously my identity as American Korean. Book recommendations. Weight loss project. Starting my own business. In general, just about how to discipline myself and achieve my goals.

Ready to fly!

– Casie J.



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