I still remember when things clicked for me.

That moment sitting in my first grade classroom and realizing “t-h-e” formed the.

Bringing home a small booklet with simple sentences and driving my parents crazy by reading it over and over to them.

Reading “Brown bear, brown bear” no longer from memory but by understanding how the letters formed coherent sounds.

The beginning when Harry Potter was just starting and getting sucked into a magical world.

Absorbed in the Redwall world and not eating or taking bathroom breaks.

Getting bug-eyed looks when I would check out ten books. Twenty. Thirty. Forty. Fifty.

Speeding through the stories so quickly that left my mind spinning and confused which world I was in.

The excitement when I saw 200+ reviews for a fanfiction that was never completed.

Voiceless no longer.

I write because I have much to say.


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